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Eligibility Policy 2020-2021

Cherry Creek athletes must maintain academic eligibility to participate in athletics. An eligibility report will be generated on Tuesday and head coaches will receive that report listing any athletes with 1 or more D or F grades. Athletes have an opportunity to maintain eligibility if they raise their grades by the end of the school day on Thursday. It is the athlete’s responsibility to either ask their teacher to email the Athletics Office, or to personally let the Athletics Office know if they have improved their grade, and we will pull a grade report again for them. An athlete that still has 2 or more F grades will lose eligibility (also known as being ineligible) for the following full week (Monday through Saturday) and cannot participate in competition. See the Athletics office with any questions.

Regain Dates (Revised) for the remainder of the 2021 Competitive Season:
(for students who end the previous semester with 2 or more F's)


Season A              Week 15  (10/15/2020)

Season B              Week 30  (02/01/2021)

Season C              Week 38  (03/22/2021)

Season D              Week 46  (05/10/2021)


These dates were selected to provide equitable opportunities for a regaining student during each redacted season.

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