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CHSAA 8th Grade Parental “FYI” about HS Participation

The CHSAA Administrative team, Middle School/Junior High Advisory Committee and the Colorado District Athletic Directors would like to provide a few “For Your Information” as you enter the world of High School Athletics and Activities.
The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) mission is to govern participation and competition in an equitable, safe, and sportsmanlike manner so that the experience of the student-athlete, school communities and all support systems are education centered and an extension of the classroom.
CHSAA is a voluntary member organization of 360 public and private schools that serves over 180,000 students that participate in more than 28 athletic programs and 4 activities offered at varying degrees in the member high schools. Our association is governed by Constitutions and Bylaws that our Board of Directors and Legislative Council (elected from statewide members school districts, Colorado School Boards, Colorado Legislation and various school and business entities) vote to approve or deny each year in April. The CHSAA administrators are accountable to upholding the Board, membership and national rules.
Hopefully these short bullet points designed only as a resource will assist as you make some decisions, we suggest you contact your schools Athletic/Activity Director for specifics regarding your school district.
• CHSAA student participation in athletics and activities is at an all-time high. Numerous studies and data support that students that participate in co-curricular activities have higher grade point averages, feel more connected to the new environment thus experiencing less social and emotional anxiety, engage in less risky behaviors, and begin cultivating personal traits around character, integrity, and others before self.
• Colorado is a choice state. What does that mean for athletics? An 8th grader can pursue enrollment in any school even schools not in the student’s district of residence with no athletic penalties upon first entry. Please note that some school districts have specific enrollment policies that may restrict your son/daughter attendance in those districts. Please contact the school district’s registrar’s office/athletic director for specifics.
• It is important to make your initial choice into high school based on multiple factors (academics, athletics, social, cultural,belief systems, etc.). Once your son/daughter practices, try-outs, scrimmages, and/or competes at your choice school and then decides to transfer (even if it is to the school directly across the street from your home), CHSAA bylaws could restrict participation beyond the Junior Varsity (JV) and below level.
• Once you decide to participate at the high school level, students will need to create an electronic student profile. The profile for athletic/activity pre-participation, data collection, eligibility tracking systems, registration and testing for coaches, officials, workers, volunteers, and participants. Information, process and deletion are in accordance with commercial best practices and are rigorously administrated as outlined in the SANS Top 20 Security Controls. Your schools are required to use this system for student-participation. Student registration and eligibility tracking is the requirement of 51 state associations and the CHSAA Board of Directors and Staff to determine the platform in which data will be submitted. Parents are not required to set up profiles for themselves until a transfer waiver is initiated by their request. We respect parental choices and please know “Participation in CHSAA Athletics/Activities is a Privilege not a Right”.
• Our website CHSAANow can serve as an additional resource. We recently set a record for the number of pageviews for fall Championship across the nation.
On behalf of our 360-member school association, Board of Directors and the entire CHSAA staff, we look forward to supporting your child’s experience with participation in CHSAA Athletics and Activities!

Rhonda Blanford-Green, Commissioner

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